Experience The Most Wonderful Climate In The World

Holland is situated in the central-western part of the Netherlands. Holland has a coastline of approximately 6,500 kilometers. The weather conditions are excellent with a summer average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and a winter average temperature of -2 to -3 degrees Celsius.

Hot and Cold Springs

Hot springs are located in the west of Holland. One of the most famous is De Waggon, which is located in the West Frisian region. De Waggon is the twin-site of Spa-Francorchamps. The De Waggon hot springs have a height of 2,70 meters and a width of 500 meters.

Another famous spring is Sponzaal with its nominal temperature of -2 degrees Celsius. This spring is situated in the Eastern Frisian region on the border of and land.

Winteravinier is a large winter market that lies in the heart of winter destinations. The market is held in the Sponzaal shopping center. The place is filled with dealers and fruit sellers. The market is open in the winter months of December until April.

Amsterdam has the most wonderful climate in the world. The spring and summer months are both very hot and dry. Holland in general has a negative impact on the climate. To the Dutch people, pleasant and hot weather is a lot of luxury. To deal with such weather, many Dutch people, especially the northern Europeans visit Amsterdam in summer.

Wintertouristias thrives in summer in Holland. This is the time when the weather is considered to be free from clouds. You will get a lot of wonderful opportunities to visit hills, gardens, lakes, and cities.

It is not surprising that Holland is called the land of the FREE. Amsterdam is called the “land of fairytales”. You will find a large variety of fruit on display in the markets.

Holland has a large coastline on the North Sea, providing a magnificent coastline which is often referred to as the “aroma of the sea”.

The city of Amsterdam lies on an island and is an important center for historical buildings and monuments. It also gives birth to cultural centers like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rembrandt House Museum. A remarkable city by itself, Amsterdam is only Equally well-known for its Opera, at the time when there were no opera houses in the city.

Since the time of the Golden Age of the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam has been equally famous for its Royal Palace and for street lights. Nowadays, there are no longer any bell towers and pipe constraints. The sea is as clear as glass. The city workers have made a conscious effort to improve the general conditions of the living area. They Separated the center of the harmonious urban area from the residential area and formed a new inner-city area – Rembrandt. Another interesting city in Holland is the city of Utrecht. Though not a historical city anymore, Utrecht still shows a great amount of heritage. The soul of this beautiful city is very closely linked to its common past, to golden days.

haven when it comes to popular sea-grounds Amsterdam is the favorite resting place among the whole world. To order the accessible apartments around the sea you have to look at specific apartments specific to the island. Although there are any available apartments in Amsterdam, the best ones are often booked for the sea entrance instead of the living area. It is understood that there is a long-term possibility to rent a house for months, at least for three months up to one year. Besides that, the costs of a pure apartment, including decor, heating, and air-conditioning, naturally tend to be much higher than the costs of a boarding house.

In the past, there were not so many public places. Especially in the heart of the city, these public places were not easily accessible. They usually were situated just behind the main Courtyard or beside the beach. Thanks to a lot of work being carried out by the department of public safety, beautiful beaches have become safe enough to get involved in sunbathing or even swimming.

Some of the tourist companies organize plenty of activities for the holiday-makers in the coastal areas. There are boat trips to interesting places, walking in the narrow streets of the interesting towns and visiting the interesting museums.


There are a lot of interesting museums in the capital. Some of the most visited museums are the following:

The city museums offer a great deal of knowledge to the visitors. There are valuable exhibits of paintings, sculptures, miniature railroads, historic buildings, galleries of modern art, and many more.

Plessis Tower

The tower of Plessis is 27 meters high and is the third tallest structure in Amsterdam.